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We are pleased that you have decided that the FemCap is your best choice for effective, natural birth control.

Ordering the FemCap is easy! You can order your FemCap directly from us online or by mail.

The FemCap MAY also be available from a Planned Parenthood clinic near you. Call 800-230-7526 (nation-wide) or 888-743-7526 for more information. Click here to learn more about the FemCap from

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Order the FemCap Online

Ordering the FemCap online is fast, easy and secure.

Follow these steps to order the FemCap online:

  • Obtain a prescription for the FemCap from health-care provider
    (only applies to customers in the US)
  • Place your order: select the proper size (as indicated on your prescription) from the products below and complete the simple order form
  • Pay for your order
  • Email or FAX your prescription
    (only applies to customers in the US)

An IMPORTANT note about FemCap sizes:

Using the proper FemCap size is critical for its effectiveness. Your prescribed FemCap size is based only on your obstetrical history.

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Order the FemCap by Mail

To order the FemCap by mail, please complete the FemCap Mail Order Form and send the form, along with a copy of your prescription and a check or money order to:

FemCap, Inc.
14058 Mira Montana Drive
Del Mar CA 92014

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Special Orders and Agreements

If you are a distributor or an organization and are using a purchase order or contracted prices, please click here for purchasing information.